Our GRE Prep workshop still has space

Graduate Record Examination Test Preparation Workshop
Saturday, February 23, 2013

ETSU’s School of Graduate Studies and the School of Continuing Studies will offer a day-long workshop to assist prospective graduate school applicants to prepare for the Graduate Record Examination.
Participants in the workshop will receive coffee and a continental breakfast, lunch, five hours of instruction on the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Measures of the GRE. They will also take three half-hour practice tests, receive scores for those tests along with advice on improving their scores.
Subjects covered in the workshop will include:
• Test-taking strategies for the new GRE
• Resources to prepare for the exam
• Score scales and timing for the three measures
• Reading comprehension questions
• Select-in-Passage questions
• Text completion questions
• Sentence equivalence questions
• Analyze an Issue essays
• Analyze an Argument essays
• Use of prompts in the analytical writing measure
•Quantitative Comparison: Greater than/less than, comparing the sizes of parts of geometric figures
• Algebra: Recognizing graphs of functions, evaluation of functions
• Geometry: Areas of regions, lengths of geometric figures, angles
• Data interpretation: Reading graphs, interpreting tables, bar graphs, pie charts
• Word problems: interpretations and strategies
The cost of the day-long workshop is $55.
Register here.


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