Class, your required reading is on Facebook

That will make it easier for you to remember the content.  Or so it seems. I have to say, though, that I disagree with the author that there are too many posts about babies on Facebook.  Other people's babies, perhaps, but my way.  From Salon.

Study: People can remember more about Facebook than real books -

Researchers at the University of Warwick and the University of California, San Diego, tested how well people could remember text taken from Facebook updates and compared it to sentences picked at random from books. What they found is that participants’ memory for Facebook posts was about one and a half times greater than their memory for sentences from books. 
Now before you slap your forehead and lament the death of the written word, consider the implications. 
The study’s findings shed considerable light on the kind of information we are hard-wired to retain, revealing that our brains favor natural, spontaneous writing over more polished content. To put it into context, think about your Facebook timeline. Sure, there are too many posts about babies, but there is other stuff on there, too. Responses to news stories, thoughts about the world. Usually casual, often gossipy, these posts, researchers say, are easier to remember than more formal, edited content. Basically, the closer to natural speech something is, the better we remember it. (Sorry, Judith Butler! I still love you!) 
Researchers say these findings could change the way we approach education, communications and advertising. They also reveal something striking about the evolution of the human mind.


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