Lifelong learner

She's here to chew bubblegum and kick ass.  And she's all out of bubblegum.  From The Johnson City Press.

Taekwondo just part of 80-year-old’s physical routine
Last week the feisty 80-year-old Ruth Sluder stepped away from one of her Taekwondo sessions at Olson’s Martial Arts Academy where she is a third-degree black belt to talk a bit about her brand of enthusiasm. 
It was her birthday. She’d just finished breaking a wooden board with her foot. The rosy glow on her cheeks was not rouge, and she fidgeted inside her martial arts garb, anxiously watching her “family” go through their maneuvers. 
That’s how she defines her martial arts mates. In turn, those at the school say she’s “the mom of the group.” 
“Before my husband died, he told me to go on and enjoy life,” she said with a smile. “My mother lived until she was 94. She exercised all her life — every day up until she passed. Age is only a number, and mine’s unlisted.”


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