The King of Engagement

And not the betrothal kind, either.  How many of these can you come up with?  The Knight of Noncredit? The Conference Queen? From Time.

Ambassador of Buzz? Are Offbeat Job Titles Awesome or Unprofessional?
Why be just another generic associate when you could hold the job title of ninja, happy maker or ambassador of buzz? Quirky job titles can give the impression that worker and company alike are fun, hip and creative. Then again, they might just come off as silly. 
Offbeat job titles have been around for years, especially in cutting-edge tech firms and funky, laid-back places like Oregon. A 2009 story highlighted, for instance, how companies in the state were handing employees job titles such as consultant of pleasure and (you gotta love this one) grand pooh-bah. 
The Boston Globe now reports that the fun, irreverent-job-title trend is spreading to “more traditional fields” including publishing and advertising. So a young woman who answers phone calls and greets guests in an office isn’t being called a receptionist but a director of first impressions. An employee at an advertising firm traded in the stodgy title of senior vice president of business development for the New Agey (but sorta vague) title creator of opportunities. And yes, a worker who might have been a mere corporate-communications assistant in a different era is now known as the firm’s ambassador of buzz.


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