New ACHE award

The Rising Star Award was created to celebrate the achievements of staff new to the field of continuing higher education.

•            No more than 5 years experience in continuing education
•            Be employed at an ACHE member institution or organization, or have sponsorship from an ACHE institutional or organizational member
•            Either developed (or contributed to the development of) or extended an outstanding program or division within a CE unit. Examples:

o            a credit or non-credit program
o            a certificate program
o            extended the audience of a program
o            tapped a new audience

•          Or, conducted research or published on a topic that has led to the enhancement or advancement of the field of adult continuing education

Please go to to nominate an outstanding new staff member for the ACHE Rising Star Award today! Submissions for this and all ACHE awards are due May 15, 2013.

If you have any questions at all about the Rising Star Award or any of our other awards, please contact ACHE Awards Chair Mary Bonhomme at


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