I am reminded that Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl"

Is the only rock song containing the word moot. Why that appeals to me, I'm not sure.  Sigh.  But here, for the uninitiated, Grammar Girl explains the difference between moot and mute.

Grammar Girl : "Moot" Versus "Mute" :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™
A fan who shall remain nameless wrote to me with this problem: "In negotiations today, a union rep provided me with handouts of proposals she'd labeled 'mute.' Help!" 
Presumably, the union rep meant “moot,” not “mute.” 
“Moot” is an adjective that generally means something is isn’t relevant anymore. 
One of my favorite episodes of the sitcom "Friends" is when Joey says something that doesn’t matter anymore is "moo." I never get tired of that.


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