I never knew about dyslexia-friendly fonts...

Till I read this.  From Daniel Hamermesh, writing in Freakonomics.

Font Improvement
I write all my papers, letters, and exams using the typeface Times New Roman.  As a lunch-table discussion here in England revealed, the University insists on certain typefaces that are dyslexia-friendly, particularly Arial, Trebuchet, and Verdana.  It costs me or any other faculty member nothing to use one of these on exams; non-dyslexic students are not harmed by them, and dyslexic students are better off.  Henceforth, no more Times New Roman on tests — mine will all be in Arial.  A clear Pareto improvement.


Kimberly Crews said…

This information is invaluable for educators. As I am working on my doctorate, it seems I am encouraged to use Times New Roman. It is important for educators to understand the implications of a seemingly trivial choice, such as fonts, on the readability of our document.

I personally find Times New Roman boring and this gives me a good reason to switch to a new font. I find Verdana to be particularly readable and have used it in newsletters.

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