Never utter one of these in a crisis

Hero advice from Charlie Jan Anders in io9.  I've listed a couple of my favorites from the twelve presented.

12 Phrases That Are Never a Good Sign For a Hero's Survival

"You can do better than that!"
Or, alternatively: "Is that all you got?" Said tauntingly to an attacking evil person. Inevitably, that isn't all they've got.
"When all this is over..."
And finally, the classic. As often satirized on The Simpsons and other shows, the moment someone starts talking about all the great things he or she is going to do after this nightmare is finally ended, you know there's no happy ending in store for that person. In Hunt for Red October, as soon as Sam Neill starts talking about the great time he'll have living in Montana after he's defected, you know it's curtains for Sam — and we're not talking about picking out curtains for his Montana cabin.


Kimberly Crews said…
I work at the only public institution of higher education in the District of Columbia. Most of our students attend part-time and thus do not graduate in four years. Most of the students who graduate from this institution are graduate students, and are therefore excluded from this map.

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