Improve your team's IQ

In my case, I could do this by leaving the team. Ba-doom Pshh!  Like the time I moved to Tennessee from Iowa and increased the average intelligence in both states. Ba-doom Pshh!  Thanks, I'm here all week.  From Annie Murphy Paul, writing in Time.

What makes a group intelligent? That is: What enables a team of people to effectively solve problems and produce solutions? You might think a group’s IQ would be simply the average intelligence of the group’s members, or perhaps the intelligence of the team’s smartest participant. But researchers who study groups have found that this isn’t so. 
Rather, a group’s intelligence emerges from the interactions that go on within the group. A team’s intelligence can be measured, and like an individual’s IQ score, it can accurately predict the team’s performance on a wide variety of tasks. And just as an individual’s intelligence is malleable and expandable, a group’s intelligence can also be increased. Here are five suggestions on how to guide the development of smart teams: 
1. Choose team members carefully. The smartest groups are composed of people who are good at reading one another’s social cues, according to a study led by Carnegie Mellon University professor Anita Williams Woolley and published in the journal Science. (Woolley and her collaborators also found that groups that included a greater number of women were more intelligent, but the researchers think this is because women tend to be more socially sensitive than men.)


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