Tales of the nontraditional

More news on adult and continuing education students.  From Kentucky.com.

As Asbury Theological Seminary celebrates its 90th anniversary Saturday, at least one graduating student is breaking new ground. 
While the school doesn't keep official records on such things, Gabriel Tait is likely to be the first photojournalist-turned-bus driver-turned-Ph.D. at the seminary. 
"It takes a particular character to give up a lucrative profession and drive a bus to accomplish your larger goal," said Steven Ybarrola, a professor of cultural anthropology and Tait's mentor.
Ybarrola and Tait came to campus the same year, 2006. Tait had worked as a photojournalist for the Detroit Free Press and St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He had a big house, a well-paying job and a family, but he felt a calling toward a religious life. 
He heard about Asbury from friends but knew little about it. Somehow he found himself crying while looking at pictures of the campus online. Tait knew "there was something going on" and Asbury was the place he had to go.


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