Tales of the non-traditional

More news on adult and continuing education students.  As I understand it, the GED exam is becoming more difficult and more expensive soon.  From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Sometimes, life gets in the way of a high school diploma.
For Dan Porch, it was when his girlfriend, now his wife, became pregnant with twins and he dropped out of Oliver High School to support her in 1993. 
For Nate Bashioum, it was when he became so frustrated by his learning disability he dropped out of Baldwin High School 13 years ago. 
And for Robert McCune, who bounced around different high schools, it was because he found good work in the film business -- 60 years ago. 
Now, though, they have all either earned their GED, or are studying for it at the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council, but their paths to that destination have been very different.


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