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Tuesday, July 23, 2013 at  2 pm ET

Continuing Education provides an opportunity for institutions to serve a broader range of students; but meeting these students' needs and expectations can be a challenge. Attend this webinar to learn how the Continuing Education Division at Emory University is using new strategies and innovative technologies to enhance the learning experience, increase enrollments, and drive profitability. 

Emory Continuing Education (ECE) serves the University's non-credit division, with more than 10,000 student enrollments each year. A leader from ECE will share tips for successful recruitment practices specifically designed for CE programs, how to leverage software to determine which courses are most profitable, and how the rise of MOOCs will potentially impact continuing education. 

Topics will include:

  • Current trends and challenges facing Continuing Education programs
  • The new tools available that can help improve the operational efficiency of CE programs
  • Strategies for recruitment that can boost enrollment in CE programs
  • The future impact of MOOCs on the field of Continuing Education



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