Thoughts of dissertations

My son recented defended so dissertations are on my mind lately.  Having particpated in mainly education defenses, it was interesting how different his experience was.  This is from the blog R is my friend. The posting contains interesting charts and more detailed analysis than one might expect in a blog.  At least in my blog!

How long is the average disseration
It’s debatable as to what, if anything, page length indicates about the quality of one’s work. One could argue that it indicates absolutely nothing. My advisor once told me about a student in Chemistry that produced a dissertation that was less than five pages, and included nothing more than a molecular equation that illustrated the primary findings of the research. I’ve heard of other advisors that strongly discourage students from creating lengthy dissertations. Like any indicator, page length provides information that may or may not be useful. However, I guarantee that almost every graduate student has thought about an appropriate page length on at least one occasion during their education. . . . 
The data contained 2,536 records for students that completed their dissertations since 2007. The range was incredibly variable (minimum of 21 pages, maximum of 2002), but most dissertations were around 100 to 200 pages.


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