Learn a new language through ETSU Rosetta Stone language instruction

East Tennessee State University’s Office of Professional Development is offering online language-learning courses available in 25 languages through a licensing agreement with Rosetta Stone®, a leading provider of technology-based language-learning solutions.

Users pursue independent study, available at all proficiency levels, in the language of their choice. Among the most popular of the 25 languages available are Italian, English, Japanese, Latin, French, Spanish and Greek, offered for a fee of $60 for two months.

In addition, a continuing education unit with certificate option is available for those who need this documentation. The option requires completion of all the areas of the chosen language, including grammar, vocabulary and conversation.

This non-credit professional development instruction is available to the community and does not require formal admission to ETSU.

For more information, contact Christy Buckles of the ETSU Office of Professional Development at (800) 222-3878, or access registration information at


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