Perhaps if it comes with a thaw in state support

When I moved to Tennessee twenty years ago, we were a low-tuition state.  Our out-of-state tuition was cheaper than some neighboring states' in-state tuition. Students paid about 33% of the cost of their education at public universities; now it's 67%.  That reversal has led to increased tuition.  And it's the same story in a lot of states. From The Tennessean.

A state senator has announced plans to file legislation that would freeze tuition rates for state colleges and universities. 
Sen. Jim Summerville, R-Dickson, said in a news release that his bill would keep tuition rates at their current level “for several years” but did not offer specifics. It also will include recommendations for reducing higher education costs, he said. 
In June, the Tennessee Board of Regents and The University of Tennessee both raised tuition between 3 and 6 percent for each of the campuses they oversee. Over the past five years, the average cost of in-state tuition for publicly funded four-year colleges and universities increased 30 percent in Tennessee, according to the CollegeBoard Advocacy and Policy Center. 
Hikes 'an outrage' 
“The current increases are an outrage, especially in light of this year’s increase in appropriations to these higher education systems,” Summerville said. “No other governmental department consistently raises their costs to the taxpayers at such a high rate on an annual basis.”


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