Website lists ETSU among top schools for pre-med programs

A website that ranks higher education programs has included East Tennessee State University on its list of the top 20 schools in the United States for students who plan to enter medical school.

The website ranks a wide array of degree programs at institutes of higher education, and one of those categories is “Top 20 Pre-Med Schools in America.” ETSU is on that list, and others include Cornell, Georgetown and Columbia universities.

Undergraduate students who plan to take the Medical College Admissions Test and apply to medical school often choose to major in basic science programs, such as biology and chemistry. At ETSU, undergraduates who plan to pursue medical school or other health-related disciplines can benefit from the Office of Medical Professions Advisement (MPA). The Office of MPA provides academic and personal advisement and access to professional school information and related workshops, as well as other resources to assist ETSU students in becoming competitive candidates for application to professional school.

To review the list of the top 20 pre-med programs, visit


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