Are you a bad boss?

Here's one sign.  I once knew a dean like this.  He had to approve everything that flowed from his college. Drove people crazy. From The Open Forum.

Syndrome: The Bottleneck 
Warning Signs: Everything, from the decision to expand your e-commerce site to a decision to order a box of paper clips, must be approved by you. As a result, only about one-tenth of what needs to get done in your company actually gets done. (The rest waits … and waits … and waits for your okay.) You work 20 hours a day and still can’t catch up. Employees are even more frustrated than you are, since they’re essentially paralyzed waiting for your answer.   
Solution: Like a mother whose “baby” is heading off to kindergarten, you’ve got to let go. Start by identifying key bottlenecks and determining which decisions you absolutely need to handle and which can be made by others. For example, maybe you need to authorize all purchases over $500 but managers can authorize anything under that amount. Maybe you want to keep handling a few sensitive, key accounts yourself, but sales reps can take care of the others and keep you posted with weekly reports. Delegating will free your time, energize your team and get your business moving again.


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