Getting ready for my presentation today

At the TACHE preconference for off-campus center administrators.
Here's some advice from the Dale Carnegie Blog I'll be following.  I just wish Dale could do the whole thing for me.

Most airplane difficulties occur at two critical points: take-off and landing. The same is often true of presentations. A strong opening will create additional confidence and is an opportunity to make an immediate positive first impression. 
Key Points: Get favorable attention quickly, Lead naturally into your presentation, Build goodwill, Create points of agreement. 
Techniques: Use an exhibit, Dramatize your ideas, Get participation, Cite points of agreement or common ground .
Avoid the apology. “How often we all have heard speakers begin by calling the attention of the audience to their lack of preparation or lack of ability. If you are not prepared, the audience will probably discover it without your assistance.”  —Dale Carnegie


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