This is about ROTC leaving Tennessee Tech

NOTE: This is an unfortunate byproduct of scheduling posts while off campus.  Both programs have gotten a two-year reprieve for their ROTC programs.

But the same thing is happening at ETSU.  From Alan Blinder, writing in The New York Times.

R.O.T.C. Making Cuts to Expand Recruiting -
When Sarah Short arrived at Tennessee Technological University this summer, she had mapped out her four years of undergraduate study and well beyond: an affordable nursing degree and a commission as an Army officer. 
But months into her first semester, Ms. Short’s plans changed after the Army announced it would close Tennessee Tech’s 63-year-old Reserve Officers Training Corps program in 2015, two years before Ms. Short expected to finish her degree. 
“This is the only place I’ve ever wanted to go,” Ms. Short, 18, a first-generation college student from Murfreesboro, said last week. “It’s perfect for me — was perfect.” 
The abrupt news, delivered to Ms. Short and scores of other cadets here days into the government shutdown, was not tied to a partisan standoff in Washington. Instead, it was part of an Army effort to redirect its resources and money to areas where it wants to broaden its recruiting, including major cities. 
To underwrite the transformation, the Army chose to close R.O.T.C. programs at 13 universities, more than half of them in the South. Tennessee alone will lose R.O.T.C. offerings at three of its public universities, the most of any state.


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