UT Knoxville makes this list

Of America's ugliest campuses.  Seems a bit harsh to me.  From Travel and Leisure.

America's Ugliest College Campuses
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 
With a lack of green space and a road slicing the campus in half, the brick and concrete environs of the University of Tennessee could double as a skateboard park. The John C. Hodges Library is a notable eyesore. Not only was the original 1969 building unappealing, in 1987 more brick cascades were added, accentuating the squat proportions. Fortunately, any daytime dreariness is in stark contrast to night, when, according to one student on Unigo.com, “The campus is a wonderland, with all of the buildings lit up and the pedestrian walkway lined with gorgeous lamps.”


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