God help me, I do love Top Ten lists...

Here are the top ten stories in higher education from The Hechinger Report.

Top ten stories from Hechinger: Higher education headed for a shakeout

  1. Skepticism grows of the effectiveness of MOOCs.
  2. Alarm bells sound that higher education may be headed for a shakeout.
  3. Students begin to nibble at the “education buffet,” assembling their educations from many sources …
  4. … including by starting college early.
  5. Success coaches help get students in, and through, college.
  6. More states tie financial aid to performance …
  7. … and let students know how much degrees from which programs in particular schools will pay.
  8. Universities and others look for new ways to rank them.
  9. Foundations continue to push for higher-ed reform.
  10. The debate rages on between sciences and the humanities.


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