Dude, where's my class?

High times at the University of Colorado.  Big admission application jump.  From The Denver Post.

CU-Boulder: Legal weed not likely behind 33% jump in applications
Freshman applications to the University of Colorado shot up 33 percent this year, a spike Boulder campus officials say likely is due to a new submission option, not the state's well-publicized legalization of marijuana. 
Kevin MacLennan, CU's admissions director, said that while the school has no way to track whether the arrival of recreational pot contributed to the increase in student interest, his office hasn't heard much about it.
That overall rise in applications included even larger jumps in the number of prospective students from out-of-state — a 43 percent increase — and from other countries, with international applications up 65 percent. 
"I don't know," MacLennan said of the marijuana issue. "One of the things is we're not getting a lot of questions from families about that. We don't have any mechanism of tracking that. I just don't know."


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