The least expensive public colleges

No Tennessee institutions on this list?  I'm shocked...shocked to find that out.  From US News and World Report.

Staying in-state for college can net students thousands of dollars in savings – as long as they opt for a public school. 
Resident tuition and required fees at public universities averaged $8,539 for the 2013-2014 school year, compared with $19,465 for nonresidents, according to data reported by 403 ranked public colleges in an annual U.S. News survey. 
Not only is in-state tuition cheaper than that charged out-of-state students, it is also a fraction of the more than $30,000 average tuition and fees at private universities. Students staying close to home also save on costly airfare and travel expenses. 
Oklahoma residents get a particularly good deal on in-state tuition. Five universities in the Sooner State charged less than $5,200 for 2013-2014 tuition and fees, including Northeastern State University and the University of Central Oklahoma, placing them among the 10 least expensive public schools for in-state students. 
Tuition and fees at these 10 public universities averaged just $4,876 for 2013-2014, almost half the national average. The University of Wyoming charged just $4,404 for resident tuition and fees, making it the least expensive public college in the country. Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina also charged less than $4,500. The five military academies, which forgo tuition and fees in return for a service commitment, were excluded from this list.


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