You gotta love an article that begins with a "walk into a bar" joke...

Hmmm.  Generation-based stereotypes suspect? Go figure.  And a multi-million dollar speaking, consulting, and publishing scheme goes away.  From The Pacific Standard.

A Baby Boomer, a Millennial, and a member of Generation X walk into a bar. Which one of them is most likely to be there despite the fact that their boss asked them to stay and work overtime?
Newly published research provides an answer to that question, but it also suggests we shouldn’t take such generation-based generalizations all that seriously.
A research team led by John Bret Becton of the University of Southern Mississippi finds some differences in work-related attitudes between the three generations that currently dominate the American workforce, but they are surprisingly small.
“It appears the effects of generational membership on workplace behavior are not as strong as suggested by commonly held stereotypes,” the researchers write in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.


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