Ain't nobody got time for that.  From Alexandra Levit, writing in The Open Forum.

Why No One Takes Lunch Breaks Anymore (and How to Change That)
A new Robert Half/OfficeTeam study found that nearly half of workers either don't take lunch breaks or take breaks that last 30 minutes or less. Many workers also spend their time multitasking while they eat. More than four in 10 (42 percent) reported that, aside from eating, they spend this time socializing with colleagues, while 29 percent admitted they do work during lunch breaks.Why has the traditional lunch hour diminished so significantly? The obvious culprit is technology.  Now that it’s easier to keep typing away while we eat, we feel freer to do so. In fact, only a tiny 1 percent of survey respondents said they do nothing but eat their lunch. 
A secondary cause is a dysfunctional culture. Some organizations are so competitive that employees feel they must work around the clock in order to keep their jobs and get ahead. They view taking a well-deserved lunch break as a sign of weakness or laziness. 
In a business world that's more stressful than ever, putting in long hours without a break is bad for health, morale and productivity. How can owners and managers help turn things around?


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