Maybe we need to swear more

In higher education today.  Lowers stress, it seems. &#%@!  From

Does profanity belong in the modern workplace? Hell yes, say some business insiders.  
“Wall Street is a hotbed of profanity,” says Dennis Gibb, a former Morgan Stanley trader and Bear Stearns junior partner. “You’ve got a lot of high-testosterone people with big egos making a lot of money. When you’ve just bought 100,000 shares of something, profanity is a pretty appropriate response.” 
To be sure, bad language reigns in Martin Scorsese’s movie, "The Wolf of Wall Street." Setting a record for the number of f-words —506 — Gibb says the film’s portrayal is exaggerated, but not by much. Swearing, especially when combined with humor, can be essential to lower stress when working in a pressurized environment, he said.


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