Never refuse a resignation

And never quit unless you have another job.  From Donna Ballman's Blog, Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home.

They Aren't Going To Beg You To Stay (So Don't Quit Unless You Mean It)
One of the things that makes me shake my head in my law practice is when people tell me that they either quit or discussed possibly quitting, then tried to take it back. I shake my head, because they're almost always contacting me because they're suddenly unemployed. 
Many employees think they're indispensable. Whether they've been with the company a long time, are high-producing sales people, or just know where the bodies are buried, lots of employees quit or threaten to quit with the secret belief that their employer can't live without them. That the boss will beg them to stay. 
That isn't going to happen. Oh, sure, there are rare cases where a top employee puts in a resignation and the boss rips it up and says they aren't accepting it. They may be offered more money. That's rare. You're more likely to get hit by lightning. It isn't going to happen to you. With unemployment what it is, there are probably people younger (or older and more qualified), better educated, and with less attitude just waiting to take your job. Plus, if you've shown your unhappiness then they may celebrate your departure.


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