Race to the top

Tennessee still ranks high in obesity ratings.  Memphis is the most obese large community, and Clarksville ranks high as well.  From Gallup Well Being.

Boulder, Colo., Residents Still Least Likely to Be Obese
Among large communities with populations above 1 million, Memphis, Tenn.-Miss.-Ark., had the highest obesity rate, at 31.9%, while Denver-Aurora and San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos, Calif., tied for the lowest at 19.3%. 
The average obesity rate for all large communities was 25.7%, almost two points below the national average. None of the large communities designated as having the highest obesity rates ranked among the communities of all sizes with the 10 highest obesity rates. These findings suggest that residents in smaller communities are more likely to be obese than those living in larger communities.


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