Taking all the fun out of commencement

At the University of Southern Florida.  From The Miami Herald.

USF to students: no selfies at graduation
In the coming weeks, graduates of the University of South Florida will be able to frame their diplomas – but not a selfie of their walk across the commencement stage. 
The university’s Division of Student Affairs is warning students against inappropriate behavior at the ceremonies at the SunDome and elsewhere, including taking “selfies” on stage with President Judy Genshaft or other dignitaries. 
A school official told The Tampa Tribune that taking selfies would slow the commencement down. 
The school sent a notice to all graduating seniors, and ads are being placed in the student newspaper requesting that students also refrain from “stepping,” “marching” or “strolling.” 
In South Florida, college students still have the option of snapping a quick photo with their smartphone, as neither Miami Dade College nor the University of Miami specifically ban “selfies.” Florida International University doesn’t have an “official policy” on such photos, so it’s possible that students there can get away with it, too.


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