The 10 college subjects with the lowest average IQs

Hmmmm.  Social Work comes in at number one with the lowest average IQ.  But the methodology seems a little suspect to me. From The Richest, although the study was done by

10 College Subjects With The Lowest Average IQs
Since the attempt to measure intelligence by standardized tests there have been those who wholeheartedly embrace the measures and others who argue that the tests are designed with a narrow demographic in mind. Critics say that such tests do not take into consideration class difference, ethnic diversity and even gender, and favor one or two forms of intelligence over others. Would a brilliant, introverted physicist be capable of empathetically managing a large team of people? Would an astronaut have what it takes to feed a community or raise a child? These are some of the questions we should ask ourselves when we attempt to categorize people by limited criteria like IQ. 
People, communities and our world are all multifaceted. That said, since it became a measure of intelligence people have been fascinated with IQ. Most of us fall into the main group: 95 percent of those who take the test fall between the scores of 70 and 130. Below 70, a person is considered as having an intellectual disability. Above 130, one is considered in a gifted two percent, and Mensa will let you in. Above 145 you would be in the company of only 1,225 members of the Triple Nine Society, so-called because this is the top 0.1 percent, or the 99.9th percentile. You would need an IQ score of 160 to become the 121st member of the Prometheus Society, and this is where the buck stops. looked at 57 fields of third level academic study to compile a list with the of “IQ Estimates by College Major” with numbers collected from Educational Testing Services. The SAT scores of students across 57 chosen majors in the U.S. were averaged by category. These averages were then compared against one another to compile a list of the average IQ of the typical student in a particular field of study.


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