As retirement creeps closer

I spend more time on rankings like this. I'm surprised these "best states" are all in the north.  I don't see retiring in the Dakotas in my future.  Although maybe, like Rhoda, I'd keep better up there.  From CBS News.

Report ranks best, worst states for retirement - CBS News compiled a variety of statistics and scored all 50 states on factors such as crime rates, weather, healthcare, tax rates and overall cost of living. The top state for retirees? South Dakota, according to the personal finance site. It was followed by Colorado, Utah, North Dakota and Wyoming. The five states at the bottom of the list as places to retire: New York, West Virginia, Alaska, Arkansas and Hawaii. 
"While the states that ranked highly may not be thought of as typical retiree havens, seniors should consider more than sunshine when choosing a place for their golden years," Bankrate analyst Chris Kahn said in a statement. "The Dakotas both ranked in our top 10 for the second year in a row due to their low cost of living, low crime rates, good health care quality, low taxes and excellent satisfaction scores from residents."


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