Some days, all I do

Is go to meetings.  Some are good, some not so good.  Here are some tips for a good meeting from Lifehacker.

There are three Ws to address before the office meeting ever takes place: when, who and why. The fourth W, "where", is obviously in your office. 

Why are you meeting? If you don't ask that question, you will get nothing done at the meeting itself. As many of the commenters point out, the first step is to set an agenda for the meeting. 
Crew founder Mikael Cho notes that a meeting shouldn't be the place where you brainstorm ideas, you need to tell the attendees to do that in advance and show up with a clear list for discussion. Similarly, the meeting organizer should send required reading at least three days in advance, says blogger Scott Berkun, and make it concise enough so that everyone has actually read it before they show up.


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