Students upset at Bryan College

More than 20% of the faculty won't return in the fall.  Some because of changes in the college's Statement of Belief.  From The Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Dozens of students tied strips of black fabric to their arms to highlight the sadness on campus. 
And at a morning chapel service, the last of the year, students stood up to announce their discontent and that Monday would be a day for students to speak out. 
The student response came after weeks of controversy sparked by a February change to the school's long-held statement of belief that embraced a more narrow view of creation. But issues on campus, professors and students say, go much deeper. 
Many are upset over the secrecy and urgency that surrounded the clarification, leaving some professors little time to find other jobs if they couldn't sign the revised statement. And many say the campus has been defined by distrust and division for weeks. 
After visiting campus earlier this month, trustees said they had "heard the voices of the Bryan Community and will be taking specific steps to bring healing and move forward ..." Board members held dedicated meetings with students, many of whom had signed a petition asking for a reversal of the clarification. They met with faculty, who had cast their own vote of no-confidence in Livesay. 
But many of the administration's critics say reconciliation is a long way off. 
Students said they weren't trying to personally disrespect Livesay, but wanted to voice their disagreement with his leadership. They have met with him and trustees, but said they got little accomplished.


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