Or maybe these jobs

Just have the best health coverage.  I imagine people may be more depressed in other jobs but don't show up in studies that look at prescription rates. From i09.

Our jobs have a profound influence on our mental health. A new study shows the extent to which certain industries give rise to clinical depression. 
For the study, Cincinnati researchers Lawson Wulsin and colleagues analyzed care records from Highmark Ltd., a Blue Cross insurance provider for folks living primarily in western Pennsylvania. The data included the occupations and medical claims for well over 200,000 adults from 2001-2005 (so not the newest data we've seen); depression was defined as two or more claims using disease-specific cost codes, though the unemployed, disabled, and retired were not included. In all there were 55 industries considered, all with at least 200 employees. 
...So, people working in passenger transit, real estate, and social services are among the most affected by clinical depression, while those working in amusement/recreational services, oil and gas extraction (who knew?), and miscellaneous repair services are among the least affected.


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