Putting your money where

Your mouth is. Two studies show there is a difference in sying that you give to charity and actually doing it.  Or at least claiming the deduction on your income taxes.  Tennessee residents give 6.6% of their discretionalry income to charity.  From The Atlantic.

The 5 Most and Least Charitable States
It makes sense that Utah would top both lists, considering its large Mormon population. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints asks its followers to donate 10 percent of their income. Fittingly, according to Chronicle data, people in Utah gave 10.6 percent of their discretionary income, which is more than 3 percentage points higher than the next state. 
But the rest of the data shows a different story from the Gallup Poll. The next four states in the Chronicle analysis are Mississippi (7.2 percent), Alabama (7.1 percent), Tennessee (6.6 percent), and South Carolina (6.4 percent), which aren't in the top 20 of Gallup's charitable list. 
The top four states from Gallup—Minnesota, Hawaii, South Dakota, and New Hampshire—similarly are not in the top 20 of the Chronicle list. This just shows the difference between the amounts of money people are giving, as compared to whether or not people from those states say they are likely to give.


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