Willie Sutton:

Continuing education philosopher. Continuing education has been doing moving higher education where the students are for a long time, but it still makes news when traditional institutions get into the act.  From The Hechinger Report.

There aren’t any Greek columns or sprawling green lawns at Northeastern University’s satellite campus in Charlotte, N.C., which consists of the 11th story of an office building in the middle of the uptown district. 
The location is no accident. Charlotte is among the nation’s top 10 fastest growing cities with populations greater than one million, according to the Census Bureau. And the school is in a neighborhood where economic activity is so hot that office vacancy rates are in the single digits. 
That’s how Landon White stumbled across it. The 31-year-old, who works in Charlotte for Liberty Mutual, was driving by the uptown campus and saw the Northeastern logo. He’d been feeling the itch to go back to school to “get a competitive edge in my career,” but hadn’t found any suitable programs. 
White enrolled and is set to get his master’s degree in leadership this summer.


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