Worse than Oklahoma?

It's hard to believe Tennessee is number three.  My friends in Oklahoma will give me a hard time.  From Kiplinger.

Top 10 States Most at Risk of Disaster

3. Tennessee

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Keith Gallagher via Creative Commons
Estimated Property Damage (2006-2013): $5.1 billion
Most Frequent Disasters: thunderstorms, hail, winter storms, tornadoes
Weather-Related Fatalities (2006-2013): 224
Severe storms and tornadoes are common in Tennessee, which was among several southern states hit by the historic “super outbreak” of tornadoes in April 2011. The state’s capital, Nashville, suffered an estimated $2 billion in damage due to flooding in May 2010, and Memphis had millions of dollars’ worth of damage when the Mississippi River flooded in the spring of 2011.


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