Free college for all

While we're funding students, let's not forget to fund colleges and universities as well.  Tuition still doesn't pay all the cost of instruction at public institutions. And these plans like Tennessee's ignore adult students who are being priced out of the market.  From The Community College Daily.

Now the idea of college for free for almost everyone has unexpectedly leapt to the top of the conversation about the ever-rising cost of tuition.
Tennessee will make its community colleges free beginning next year. Oregon is moving forward with a study considering the idea. 
Seizing momentum
A new report recommends that the first two years of public universities and colleges be free nationwide, and a nonprofit called Redeeming America’s Promise goes even further with a proposal to give every lower- and middle-class student a scholarship to cover the full cost of college. 
“The rising millennial generation has been so deeply affected by student debt that they’re driving a conversation about this challenge,” said Morley Winograd, president of Redeeming America’s Promise, who said “well-meaning but what I would call Band-Aid solutions” aren’t enough to fix the problem. 
States look to increase access through low- and no-cost tuition
The group led by Winograd, who was an advisor to former Vice President Al Gore and now is a senior fellow at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School, proposes redirecting existing federal and state financial aid and tuition tax breaks to give full tuition scholarships in specified amounts — $2,500 per academic year for community college and $8,500 for four-year universities — to every student from a family earning $180,000 a year or less. 
That would come in just under the current average advertised full cost of public college and university tuitions, as calculated by the College Board.


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