Not the cheapest

But in the top ten.  Kentucky is number one.  From MSN Money.

America's cheapest states to live in 2014 .
No. 9: Tennessee

  • 2014 Cost of Living rank: 9th cheapest
  • 2014 Cost of Living score: 42 (out of 50)
  • 2013 Cost of Living rank: 2nd cheapest
  • Average home price (Jackson-Madison County Metro): $217,168
  • Half gallon of milk: $2.31
  • T-bone steak: $8.88
  • Monthly energy bill: $148.18
  • Doctor visit: $95.00
If you love your whiskey, you're in good company in Tennessee, home of the Jack Daniel's Distillery. They've been making the charcoal-filtered brown liquor in the 9th cheapest state since 1866. Fancy another libation? The average cost of a six-pack of imported beer here is $8.40 and only $7.77 for a bottle of wine. At prices like these, how about another round?


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