Rankings are funny

Tennessee has an overall ranking of 14 but is the worst state to live in?  But also the 14th best state for business?  While being the 14th most stressed state? Hmmmmm.  Still, I think I'd rather live in here than in the 50th overall ranked state.  From CNBC. 
America's 10 worst states to live in
1. Tennessee 
The violent crime rate in the Volunteer State is the worst in the country, according to the most recent full year of FBI statistics from 2012, although the state says crime declined last year. Tennesseans might want to volunteer to exercise a little more—fewer than half frequently do so. Health is poor, with high rates of diabetes and obesity. Roughly a quarter of adults are smokers. Based on these numbers, when they sing the blues in Memphis, they mean it. 
  • 2014 Quality of Life score: 63 points (out of 300)
  • Weaknesses: Crime, health, environment
  • Strengths: Music and barbecue
  • 2013 Quality of Life rank: 49
  • 2014 Top States overall rank: 14


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