Sometimes a banana is just a banana

Maybe all those psychology majors are on to something after all. From The American Express Open Forum.

Why Psychology Courses May Be More Valuable Than MBAs
Psychology plays a part in almost every aspect of business. From helping target and refine your marketing message to gaining a deeper understanding of human behavior—both internally among your staff and externally with your customers and competitors—psychology is an area of study business leaders need to be tuned into if they want to run successful companies. 
Just how useful can it be to dig deeper into this subject? Quite a bit, experts say. A number of areas of psychology directly relate to business leadership, including organizational psychology and leadership psychology, which study the ability of individuals to effectively lead groups of their peers. 
“Industrial and organizational psychology, or I-O psychology, applies psychological theories to an organization," says Sandra Powers, a human resources manager at By studying I-O psychology, you may be able to help improve employee behavior and attitudes through training programs, management systems and employee feedback.


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