The events at The University of Maryland University College

Should be sobering news for continuing educators.  The adult student market is flat.  We've priced many out of that market, and there's lots of competition for those left.  From Inside Higher Ed.

War on Multiple Fronts
But UMUC can’t simply recoup its losses abroad by aggressive expansion at home. The distance education market is more crowded than ever; UMUC is no longer just fighting for-profit universities over adult learners, but also the many nonprofit institutions -- from Southern New Hampshire University to the University of Arkansas -- that are attaching their brands to online ventures. 
“The mature market is here,” Miyares said. “There is almost no growth online. If that’s not a red flag, I don’t know what is.” 
Kenneth E. Hartman, who once competed against UMUC as president of Drexel University Online, said Miyares is “spot on with his comments.” 
“The problem is the student market is flat at best,” Hartman, a senior fellow with the consulting firm Eduventures, said. “Smart colleges are beginning to focus on what they should have been focusing on a long time ago, which is the quality of the product.” 


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