Socks appeal

What can I say?  I like a fancy pair of socks.  Little did I know I was making a statement.  Just wait until they see my socks at ACHE!  From The Atlantic.

'Like Lingerie for Men': How Statement Socks Became So Trendy
The statement sock—whether distinguished by a bright hue or a bold pattern or both at the same time—has become the go-to fashion accessory for guys from Wall Street, where “Friday socks” is a thing, to Silicon Valley, where every day is Friday. (Startup guys, according to one Bay Area buyer, favor not just colorful socks but also socks decorated with “words like ‘bacon’ and ‘beer’” and also “anything with ninjas.”) 
All of which helps to explain new sales numbers released today by the retail analytics firm NPD, revealing a 2-percent growth in sock sales between August 2013 and August 2014. That's a rate that has, in a weak economy, outpaced the general growth of the $206.7 billion global apparel market. And NPD speculates that it has been men, in particular, who have driven the increase. As Marshal Cohen, NPD’s chief industry analyst, explains it: “Over the past year, socks have become yet another outlet for expressing the extra splash of pattern and color they seek.”

* * *

The appeal of the statement sock—a more masculine answer to the statement jewelry that has long added versatility to women’s wardrobes—has contributed to a counterintuitive phenomenon: Last year, for the first time in more than a decade, the sales of men's apparel outpaced those for women. Driving the growth, according to the Wall Street Journal? “Double-digit gains in outerwear, pants, and socks.”


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