Some tips for help with public speaking

Especially if you struggle with like I do.  From the American Express Open Forum.

Give a Killer Speech With Only Seconds to Prepare
It happens all the time. Even if you’re not a professional speaker, we all have moments when we’re asked to say a few words on short notice. Being asked to make a speech on the spot can intimidate even the most composed, outgoing person. It’s the kind of scenario that gives people nightmares. 
Until now. 
Use these six tips to make sure what you say is both coherent and memorable, even if you have just seconds to prepare. 
1. Use the callback technique. One of the tactics employed by standup comedians, the callback technique, is used to anchor your words to concepts or points that have already occurred during the event. The idea is to tie your speech to something that the audience—as a group—can relate to. You want to capitalize on the shared experience of the evening. Making a joke about something that happened earlier or mentioning the highlights of the evening so far creates a closer bond between you and the audience, and it sets them up to receive your words favorably.


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