Life gets in the way

It's hard out there for a nontraditional student.  But you already know that. In six years, only 17.4% of part-time students graduate compared to 66.4% of full-time students.  But this is hardly surprising: if you're a part-time student taking 15 hours a year, it's going to take you eight years to reach 120 and graduate. You'd have to take 20 hours to finish in six.  From Slate.

America’s Awful College Dropout Rates, in Four Charts
Again, we have a higher education system that works fairly well for the traditional college student—the teenager who shows up on campus ready to dedicate the next four to six years of their lives to school. But a very, very large chunk of American undergraduates don't fit that profile. They're older, juggling classes and a job or family, and not necessarily up to speed academically. Our education system isn't built to cater to their needs, and its results are extremely wasteful.


ann mosley said…
I have to agree on this one. In general, education system targets average student while neglecting those who can do better than the majority as well as those who need additional time and help. Rare educators try to assist each and every but it's nearly impossible today. Same goes for part-time students. Even some essay writers agree that the whole system needs improvement. Right now they pretty much pursue "do or get out of here" strategy and it's really disappointing. We are losing too many potential specialists like this.

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