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Always being connected is often a bad thing.  From MainStreet.

The Mobile Etiquette Violations Guide: How Gross Are We?
The question has to be raised: what is the number one, the worst cellphone etiquette violation? There are many nominees. Chefs - more and more - are putting up notices banning food photography during meals, both because it disrupts the rhythm of the service but also because - with animated photographers - it can also interfere with the dining pleasure of surrounding tables. At the swank, oldtime Los Angeles Jonathan Club, cellphone use in public places is frowned upon. So much so that the Club has some oldtime phone booths, where calls are supposed to be made. Said Amy Alkon, author of Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck, “The Jonathan Club is to be emulated. They do not allow people to blather on on their cellphones around others.” At movie theaters, a staple public service announcement is the reminder to not text during a film - if only because the lighted screen disturbs the whole house.


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