Social notworking

Eduventures has been a friend to continuing higher education.  This report, written by Mark Rooney, looks at what actually influences a student's decision to enroll at your college or university.  The role of social media may be exaggerated. From

Does Social Media Influence Students’ Enrollment Decisions?
Higher education leaders have heard a great deal about the importance of social media for recruiting undergraduate students. Some experts say that today’s college applicants are increasingly tech and social media savvy, demanding that colleges devote significant resources to their social media presence. Others say it is largely a waste of admissions staff time, depleting resources from far more useful and persuasive communication tactics. The truth, of course, is somewhere in between.
The critics are partly right. Data from the 2014 Eduventures Prospective Student Survey, which was completed by over 10,000 prospective students, suggests that a college’s social media is less effective for recruiting students than most other forms of outreach. On average, students rated college websites, comparison tools, Google searches, and traditional media, such as viewbooks and course catalogs, much higher than social media (see Figure 1). This data supports the notion that enrollment managers should be careful about siphoning off excessive staff resources on tools that aren’t as useful to students.


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