This was a hot dinner topic

With my Chattanooga State colleagues at the TACHE conference.  Classic case of thinking with the wrong head?  From Inside Higher Education.

A community college official in Tennessee retroactively received a degree from Duquesne University in Pennsylvania this year despite failing to complete required coursework a decade ago, according to an unusual cross-state investigation by Tennessee auditors. 
The audit by the Tennessee Board of Regents focused on a controversial Chattanooga State Community College official, Lisa Haynes. 
The longtime president of Chattanooga State, James Catanzaro, retired this week amid questions about Haynes. She was his executive assistant and then the college’s chief innovations officer. Catanzaro met Haynes in Barbados before she was hired by the college. 
For Tennessee auditors’ purpose, the key questions were about Haynes’ qualifications. Even though a job opening in fall 2013 required a degree she did not have at the time, Chattanooga State paid for her to fly from Barbados to Tennessee for an interview, hired her even before other candidates for the job finished their interviews and then sponsored her work visa.


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