What is Tennessee whiskey

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Beginner's Guide to Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey
Tennessee Whiskey 
Believe it or not, Tennessee whiskey and bourbon have almost identical requirements. In fact, most Tennessee whiskeys meet the criteria for bourbon. The main difference in production is that, sometime after distillation, Tennessee whiskey must be filtered through sugar maple charcoal. Though most producers filter directly after distillation, the law doesn’t (currently) specify when it must be done. 
Parts of the state’s legal definition are hotly contested. The two major contenders, George Dickel and Jack Daniel’s, are each fighting a different requirement. With the current shortage of barrels after a poor harvest, Jack Daniels’ has argued that the new barrel restriction is untoward. George Dickel, on the other hand, ages much of its whiskey in Kentucky, which is obviously outside the Tennessee state lines, thereby blurring the lines of what constitutes production.


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