Churches influence degree completion

It's probably a factor here in the South. From The Pacific Standard.

Those who took the bible literally, the three found, were much less likely to complete a college degree—about a third did, compared with more than half of non-literalists. That’s not a big surprise, given past research. Much more interesting was the effect of going to church with literalists. After controlling for demographic factors such as age, income, and church denomination, the researchers compute that 57 percent of non-literalists attending the least literalist churches graduated college, compared to just 32 percent for those in the churches most convinced of the Bible’s veracity. There was a similar though much smaller effect for individual literalists. 
Though the survey results can’t establish the mechanism underlying them, the team argues that immersion in a literalist church may discourage higher education, possibly because some would view college as lacking value or even as a threat to other goals such as starting a family. Regardless of the reason, “it is clear that involvement in a religious congregation with a higher percentage of biblical literalists is at odds with completing college,” especially for those who aren’t literalists, the team writes. That in turn suggests the powerful role religion might play in creating and maintaining socioeconomically stratified societies, they reason.


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